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Please purchase and read “P.S Pray the Same for Me”
Marquita’s first book of bespoke prayers to her female ancestors, asking to be released from her inherited baggage while simultaneously praying for their souls. Now available on Amazon



An 8-Year Olds Perspective
Our children can be our greatest teachers and mine for SURE is! Click Here
A collection of Quotes
or book passages that resonate with me and that I hope will resonate with you. Click Here



  • honor_yourself

    Being Thankful for Me

    The Holiday season is among us.  Check out the How I Grew Today Post on Huffington Post.   Be...

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    River is My Guru

    Im always learning from my son River and I wanted to share some of the things that he has...

  • FullSizeRender

    River Said: Think about the kids

    ” I like that; they think about the kids. Most people do whatever they want and forget all about...

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