Forgiveness…Take 1

Forgiveness, yes that again. Its easier said than done right? It occurred to me that sometimes, there is an attachment or contingency plan working behind the scenes when forgiveness is needed. It is easy to envision yourself forgiving someone if you have already prepared their response; “oh, its ok” or “it’s not your fault it’s me” but what if they don’t say what you have scripted?  What if they aren’t ready to accept your gift of forgiveness?  Forgiveness does not require the other party to acknowledge or fall in line and do the same.  When I really forgive someone my forgiveness washes, NO scrubs away any attachment or need for a response or gesture from the other person.  An “I accept your apology” or “I’m sorry too”  is not required in order to forgive to the core and move on. Understanding that forgiveness is REALLY not about the other person is a big lesson that has to be learned and relearned often.

HOW I GREW TODAY:   Sorry doesn’t free me, forgiveness does.


Open Heart, Open Mind


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