“How I Grew Today”




This morning I had a thought that has stuck with me all day, We all are one and we all are equally connected. If we just took a moment to think this concept through, there would be a lot less anger in the world and a heck of a lot more compassion. Being able to see yourself in others is key. God is in all of us, no one is exempt. I have made the mistake in the past by just going with what I was taught; my soul has now matured. No one is above the other. No man has the right to judge another’s soul. Love is what we want, and Love is what we want to give. We all want to be able to be held in Love, whether it is Gods Love, Buddha’s or Allah’s.

HOW I GREW TODAY: “We all, we all, we all, we all, we all…we all want the same thing”- Rihanna’s We All Want Love

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