“River Said”: A 7 year old’s Perspective


River Said:

“I love who you are Mommy and I thank you and Daddy for letting me be me.”


Ok this particular “River Said” hit me with two whammies! The first whammy was that someone other than me accepts all aspects of who Iam. This revelation then made me ask myself, “Do I accept myself to that degree?” Do I really accept the good the bad and the ugly? When I’m having an impatient and cranky day? When I’m feeling unsure of myself or when I want to throw the scale against the wall and then pick up every broken piece and set flames to it? Like most women, I also have the disease to please and be perfect and when I don’t hit the mark I can be hard on myself and relentlessly unforgiving, but if my 7year old can look at me as if im surrounded by a veil of light and floating in mid air, even in my un-finest hour, then I must do the same!!!

Second, was the fact that he is so aware, confident and smart enough to recognize that we as his parents give him the freedom and the room to be who he wants to be in this world; unapologetically, uncategorically River!!!! Yay River!!!!!

HOW I GREW TODAY: Today I grew from River’s love of who Iam and who he is! I realized that I need to give myself the room and love to accept every aspect of myself, exactly as I am.

Kudos to us as parents for nuturing self-acceptance so early in our childs life!!!

Open Heart, Open Mind


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