“River Said”: A 7 year old’s perspective



Little Dog, Big Dog

” Mommy you are unique, I’m glad you were invented.  You can be anything your heart says.   Like dogs Mommy,  little dogs can do big things, even big dogs wish to be little dogs just like people…”

Even when you feel you are at the bottom, and you want so badly to be at the top, you can still accomplish anything you want at your level. Know that you have something to offer everyone; old or young, rich or poor, from the CEO to the Mailroom Clerk, we all have something to add to the bottom line…

Its amazing how kids think and what you can learn from them. Their perspective is fresh, untainted and brutally honest. At what age do we get off the mark and lose this unyielding ability to voice, reason and rationalize. I realized that for my son, my husband and I have never censored him(STAY IN A CHILDS PLACE.  DONT QUESTION ME.); therefore there is no fear associated with saying whats on his mind to whomever it is(YIKES). With age and experience we complicate things. We color our responses with grand gestures and eloquent verbiage and we become more concerned with protecting someone else’s feelings in an effort to make sure we are accepted and kept in good graces instead of speaking our truth. How beautiful it is to be able to see things completely free of any self imposed or preconceived perspectives.


HOW I GREW TODAY:    Encouragement can come from anyone regardless of race, color, creed, or AGE.  Get back to the essence and don’t worry about saying the right thing.  As long as I am honest and I’m coming from a place of goodness and love,  all is well.


Open Heart, Open Mind



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