” How I GREW Today”




After returning home from vacation, even before actually- while traveling in the airport, I started to feel a sense of dread. “Real life” was on the horizon; 7 hours, 4 beverage/snack cart knocks on the foot, and 3 bathroom requests away from life as usual. Then I remembered when someone I worked with came back from vacation and had a bottle of sand on their desk. It was the beautiful, smooth, tan colored sand from the beach where they vacationed. They wanted to look at the sand and be instantly transported back to their sun filled, Margherita laden week. That thought evaporated my dread.

How I GREW Today: Take the vacation spirit back with me when I return home. Let it linger to the point where I can’t remember when vaca ended and “real life” kicked back in.анализ страницы сайтаполучить карту с кредитным лимитом

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