How I GREW Today: Switching Lanes

There was crazy traffic on the Westside Highway and the person in the car with me suggested that I move to the right lane.  I did and zoomed through. I continued to drive for a few miles and the lane that I moved to   became congested as well, but I failed to maneuver; I failed to use my driving skills and I stayed in the lane that I was told to move in.  It then dawned on me that I could switch lanes, but I was so sure that what someone else suggested was much more beneficial and “right” that I continued on the path that I was told to go in versus assessing the situation and moving as I saw fit.  I had a choice, but somewhere in my driving I lost confidence and I failed to do what was best.


How I GREW Today:  Don’t be afraid to switch lanes when needed.  Someone can suggest a direction for me and it may work for a while but when I feel I need to swtich directions then do it.   Try not to get stuck.  Stay clear on my vision and confident in my confidence.верхняя одеждаполучить займ на карту быстро

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