Morning Seed

Today take responsibility for your own stuff. Taking on too much responsibility or too little is equally detrimental. Let people carry their own junk. Make today the first day of a new way of thinking and living. Take your power back. Realize that you are the captain of your own ship, the Master of your own fate. Relinquish the past and how you use to think, how you use to be, why rummage in that. Take up a new charge for yourself and create something different; you CAN create something different. Seek to understand your own story and not the story that others may have created for you.

The only thing that stops movement is fear. Shed the fear and move, get out and do something in order to move through that fear. Things that make you feel good will release fear and things that make you feel bad will increase it.

Be thankful for another day, no matter what circumstance you may be experiencing, it’s all for your greater good.маркетинговое агентство москва заказать кредитную карту мтс

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