Morning Seed

Today be conscious of all the request you make to God/The Universe/Spirit, whatever you choose to call Him/Her.  Sometimes in the heat of desperation we cry out “Please help me” or ”  show me what to do”, then we go about our day, our lives.  When  the request is answered we are shocked and stunned, forgetting about that desperate plea.  Sometimes this happens because we had already framed how and when the request should show up; how we want to see the prayer manifested.  When it does not appear how we envisioned it,  we fail to recognize that it was something that we actually asked for.   Trust that your request will be answered and open up to however it may appear.  When you have what it is that you asked for,  offer up your sincerest gratitude.Switel BCF900 Trio | купить видеоняню Switel BCF900 Trio | отзывы Switel мтс банк челябинск кредитная карта

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