“River Said”: A 7 year old’s perspective





“When you make a wish, speak it into the palm of you rhand and then let it go.  Push it out into the air.  if you feel a tingle , that means it will come true.  You are a star mom.  Look at me, you are a star.”


Believing in yourself and your dreams, speaking those things that we dream about into existence and then setting ourselves free from the bondage of worrying if those dreams will come true, is something that we all should practice. Wrapping ourselves so tightly around the outcome that our lives momentarily cease to exist, is all out of fear. Fear that we aren’t good enough fear that we wont be able to realize the life we want. Replacing that fear with trust, confidence and assurance should be the practice.

How I GREW Today: Dream, keep my dreams close to me(don’t go telling everyone about what you want, be selective), put those dreams out into the Universe and watch what happens. I am a Star; River Said it!http://ya-zasnyal.ru/обслуживание расчетного счета для ооо

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