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Fresh of the press! “P.S. Pray the Same for Me” is a book that I have written that is very near and dear to me. This book of bespoke prayers is pulled from reflecting on both myself and the

four generations of women in my family who came before me; applying the concept of

“Unfinished Business” to my life.

Unfinished Business refers to wounds, beliefs, and

traumas that these women weren’t

able to clear and clean up while here in the physical,

things that still linger and may show up in my life.

Once we acknowledge, and embrace these patterns- this unfinished business, we are able to release, learn and GROW from them

so that we in turn don’t continue to pass them on to the generations after us.

“P.S. Pray the Same for Me” is scheduled for a Holiday release Nov/Dec!

I will be previewing some of the prayers here on the site from now until the release, and I encourage others to start thinking and maybe creating and sharing some of your own prayers with the How I Grew today community!

How I GREW Today:  Today I grew from holding this piece of courage in my hand. “P.S. Pray the Same for Me”

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