Morning Seed

Today ASK FOR HELP.  If you need it, ask for it.  If there is something that you have worked on for yourself, and you just don’t know how to move it to the next level, ASK FOR HELP.  Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or dependent.  It takes courage to be able to see that you need some assistance, and then ask for it.  It  takes courage to do things for yourself, yes.  Asking for help should not replace hard work and effort on your part, that would be considered entitlement;  sitting back, waiting and expecting others to do for you.  There is a difference.  Asking loved ones and friends to support you can be very valuable.  We all need help sometimes.

Be courageous today and ASK FOR HELP.  You just might get it. срочно кредит за час безработным

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