Morning Seed

Embrace the “Funk”. If you are feeling out of whack, in a bad mood; angry even, just embrace it.  We’ve been programmed to “not act that way”  or to force ourselves to be in a different mood, but if we believe or even can embrace the concept that we  embody all things- good and bad, selfless behavior and selfish behavior, nice and mean, strong and weak, then we can own those emotions that we’ve been told were negative or not good and we can embrace all that we are.   Those “negative’ times show up to allow us to understand ourselves on a deeper level.  They show up to instruct us on things we need to pay attention to about ourselves.  The key is to do the work when these feelings come up.  Do the work by acknowledging, embracing  and finding the gift in those feelings;  self-reflection at its best.   Today embrace all that you are.  Even if you are in a funky mood.жмяк

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