“River Said”: a 7 year old’s perspective



River Said: ” You are none of these things, so just ignore it.”

One of the Mothers from River’s class, who I am friendly with, called to share with me something that “River Said” to her daughter. She was had a conversation with her daughter about the upcoming school year, and how she wants her to stay focused, not worry about others, be more independent and enjoy the year, regular back to school pep talk. Her Daughter began to talk about some of the incidents from the previous year: “Mommy, one day, (confrontational kid), was saying all these mean things to me about me, and Mommy, River told me, ‘You are none of those things, so just ignore him’, that was a really nice thing for him to say Mommy”. In that moment, the classmate was able to see some light in that not so bright experience.

How I GREW Today: I can become really upset and angry when people criticize or try and label me, or I can just take it as information. If I get hot and bothered, then that is a cue for me to check within to see how it shows up in my life. If I don’t, I will just use it as non-judgemental information. I am now informed, and I just ignore it.

Open Heart, Open Mind


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