“Stuff I Like”: Conscious Jewelry by Danna Weiss


conscious jewlery2

The above images are pictures of what I like to call my Medicine Cabinet!

Stone energy uplifts the four energy bodies(emotional,spiritual,physical and mental).  It is a supportive, uplifting and empowering way to target anything from physical ailments to emotional pain and heartache.  Danna Weiss of Conscious Jewelry is gifted!  Not only does she create the most beautiful pieces  but it is obvious, by the  beauty of the stones she uses, that she is supernaturally guided to pick the best stones for healing for her line of beautiful Jewelry and NOW furniture-Vibrational Furniture(VF).  For more on Stone Energy, Danna and Conscious Jewelry click here!

black-dana-weissconscious jewlery 2

“Every Conscious Jewelry piece is created with the intent to heighten intuition, heal, evolve and integrate and attract the frequencies of love, peace, and abundance into the body.”- Conscious Jewelry

How I GREW Today Loves Danna Weiss and Conscious Jewelry!!!!

Open Heart, Open Mind

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