Morning Seed: Change

Today make the necessary changes, that you need to make, in order to evolve. We are far from perfect, and there are things about us, that if changed, would serve our greatest and best interest. A lot of times we can’t see the changes we need to make,  so the Universe designed it in such a way, that people in our lives, show us exactly what we need to alter. They are our greatest teachers; our mirrors(YES from that family member who just won’t get it, to that friend who is starting to get on your nerves, to the bad driver who took you over the edge). There is no sense in running away from these teachers either. TRUST, that if we do escape without learning the lesson, someone will be right behind them to challenge us and force us to get back to work. Change doesn’t render you powerless. Change doesn’t say you’re not good enough as you are. Change shows how powerful, courageous and committed you are to being the best person you can be while here on this earth. Change shows how dedicated, and in touch you are with your inner self.  Take up the charge and change!

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