River Said: a 7year old’s Perspective


River Said: ” Share your feelings Mommy.  Explode them and let them sprinkle all around!” I tell you how I feel, and you tell me to tell you how I feel, you have to do the same.


-River and I were talking about feelings and how its ok to feel sad at times and its ok to express that. I wasn’t in the best mood myself when we were talking. I admit I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching to him, and he knew it; as he put it, his Spidey senses were tingling. He looked at me with the most serious face ever and expressed to me how I always tell him to use his words and how necessary it is to let things out and not to keep them locked inside, “you make me feel comfortable to do that Mommy, so you have to do the same.”


How I GREW Today: when you feel safe and secure with others it makes for a healthy environment to express every emotion you have without worry of negative backlash or being unsupported. Thanks Riv!!!!

OPen Heart, Open Mind

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