“Stuff I Like”: Far Infared Sauna!!!

I finally broke down and did it!  After a year of going to  LYT  to use their sauna, I decided to get my own and I am ecstatic! There are tons on the market but after doing some research, I decided to go with the  Sunlighten  Solo System Portable Sauna.  The team at Sunlighten are very helpful and knowledgeable ( Thanks Terresha for answering my laundry list of questions!)


The Solo System by Sunlighten( This is the exact one I just purchased)

Traditional saunas heat the air, often to above 180 degrees. However, Far Infrared Saunas use much less energy and directly heat your body using naturally occurring far infrared waves of energy. These waves of energy penetrate deep into the human body, gently elevate the body’s surface temperature, and activate major bodily functions. Far Infrared Heat Therapy is a cutting edge treatment for many ailments and has long been a part of Eastern medicine. It has been proven to reduce muscular tension, provide pain relief, increase circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues and reduce blood pressure.  It will also improve your metabolism, and burn calories!  It improves blood circulation, and gets your heart rate up, which is very healthy. A sauna can also have a huge benefit for your skin. A good sweat is excellent for healthy skin.   Serious sweating washes the skin better than soap and water since it unlocks the pores and lets deep-seated grime along with dead cells to be washed out naturally.  Far Infared Sauna’s heat your body from the inside out,  allowing for a more intensive detox on a cellular level.

Far Infared Sauna’s help with lots of problems, including:

  • Relief from headaches
  • Weight loss – Burns over 600 calories in 15-30 minutes or less!
  • Increasing body metabolism
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Blood circulation
  • Pain management
  • Immune system deficiencies
  • Detoxification
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Can help improve sleep
  • Lower stress
  • Having an overall healthier mind and body!
  • Hundreds of other benefits in addition to the above. Doctors commonly prescribe patients to Infrared Saunas for hundreds of different reasons.


10 Tips for using an Infrared Sauna

The Food and Drug Administration approves of the therapeutic use of Far Infrared Saunas. Health Insurance Companies may offer reimbursement for cost of a sauna if prescribed by a doctor. The IRS may allow a health expense deduction for Infrared Sauna Therapy if prescribed by a doctor.

  1. Wait at least 1 – 2 hours after eating before beginning a sauna session. This allows your body to attain the best detoxification results.
  2. Best Times for sauna use are early in the morning or before bedtime in the evening, although anytime is good.
  3. When you first begin to use your sauna, Start Slowly, with 20 minutes sessions and limit your first week’s sessions to a maximum of 30 minutes. After becoming acclimated to infrared heat, most users average 30-40 minute sessions. You can gradually work your way up to 45-60 minute sessions, if desired. Two sessions per day is permissible if you are working on a specific therapy goal like weight loss or detoxification.
  4. Stay Hydrated! Most people do not drink enough water to begin with and now that you are using an infrared sauna and sweating, it is even more important to stay properly hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight by two and drink that many ounces of water on a daily basis. (160 lbs. divided by 2 = 80 ounces of water or eight 10 ounce glasses of water, daily) Always drink plenty of spring water or fruit juice before, during and after your sauna routine.
  5. You may not sweat much during your first 2-3 sauna sessions. This is normal for many people, as they haven’t had a recent history of sweating, and it takes a few sessions to “retrain” the body to do what comes naturally. Take care not to overheat during your first few sessions. As the body continues to adjust, sweating can increase dramatically and body temperature regulation becomes more effective. An increase of up to 50% above the resting pulse is safe unless a heart condition requires keeping it lower. Body temperature should not be allowed to rise above 102 degrees F. Over time, you will begin to sweat more quickly and at a lower temperature setting as your body adjusts to your sauna routine.
  6. Sauna Apparel. Lightweight shorts and tee shirt are ok. Swim suits are better. “Birthday Suit” is fine, too. More skin exposure is certainly preferable.
  7. Set your sauna temperature to 130 degrees F to begin infrared sauna warm up. When sauna reaches 105 to 110 degrees F, go ahead and step in to begin your session. Let your body warm up along with the sauna temperature. Most people find that a temperature setting between 120-130 degrees F
  8. Fat and Cellulite deposits begin to melt at 101 degrees F. Massaging fatty tissue during your sauna session will help to break down these areas into smaller water clusters which can be more easily eliminated through the pores of the skin.
  9. Do not use skin lotions or oils during your sauna session as this will inhibit sweating.
  10. If your feel a cold or flu symptoms beginning, it is a good idea to use your sauna 3 times per day/ 20 minute sessions, to induce hyperthermia which strengthens your immune system. This increases your white blood cell count which helps your body to fight viruses. You will lessen the effects and duration of a flu bug and in many instances, eliminate it totally.

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