Healthy Eating Tip: Food Combining

Food combining (also known as trophology) is a term for  a nutritional approach that encourages not mixing carbohydrate-rich foods and protein-rich foods in the same meal.  Food combining aids in the proper digestion of foods.  It is the foundation of colon health.

Food combining is a centuries-old way of eating for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  It centers around the idea that meals should be kept simple in order to be digested properly by enzymatic action – the natural way our body works to break down food and absorb nutrients.  Too many different foods in one meal confuse the body and it is not able to produce all of the necessary enzymes at the same time. This leads to a whole host of digestive issues, starting with belching, heartburn, intestinal gas, abdominal pain and swelling. As benign as these symptoms seem, they are just that: symptoms of a larger problem.

If you are experiencing these digestive “upsets” on a regular basis, you should definitely consider food combining. After years of ignoring these signs that your body is delivering, you can begin to experience far more serious problems and irreversible damage.

When food is not digested properly, many issues arise. For one, when we eat too many different foods at one sitting, the body has a difficult time digesting.  Instead bacterial digestion takes over, leading to the issues above, but also creating poisonous bi-products.

I have been practicing food combining for the past two years and it has completely changed my gut and the way I feel!!  The charts in this post will help you figure out what to eat with what.  Print them and put it on your fridge!!!

For more information on food combining Click here.

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