How I GREW Today

I walked into my bedroom and the TV was on.  The credits were rolling for a movie called CONTEST,  a new feature-length live-action movie drama on the Cartoon Network, about trust, loyalty and redemption  presented in a story about a bully(yes the Cartoon Network.  I do indulge from time to time, even when River is not home thank you very much!).  The movie was over but there was a song playing and the lyrics stopped me in my tracks;  “words hurt when you make them matter; its all chatter.”

How I GREW Today:  We give negative words life and power when we make them so important in our lives.   They are just words but we fuel them and make them “bullet” like by focusing, dwelling replaying and assigning meaning to them.продвижение оптимизация веб сайтовзайм денег до зарплаты

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