How I GREW Today

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA

How I GREW Today:  This picture was sent to me from a dear friend of mine who spent her Sunday morning trying to find a place that would help her get into a peaceful state of mind.   This friend hit a block in the road a few years back and has come through to the other side, patiently and gracefully.  The fact that she is consciously looking for ways and things that will bring her peace, and she is finding beauty all around her, helps me to know that she is in a much better place and that made me smile. This picture is such a good representation of the fact that in life, we will experience times where we are spiritually dry but if we hold on, we will get filled back up again and the water will be as far as the eye can see!  Don’t worry about those shallow times!!!  Thanks for sharing friend:)

GROWERS,  please feel free to send me photos, words, thoughts, anything that helped you GROW during the course of a day and I will gladly feature them here on the site.  Taking the time to notice the simple things that add value to our lives on a daily basis, helps us to remain present, mindful, alive and stress free.  You can’t worry about yesterday or what’s to come in the future if you immerse yourself in the present!  light and love…

Open Heart, Open Mind


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