How I GREW Today: Internal Glam Squad

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and with the creation of home airbrushing make up systems, clip in hair extensions etc. DIY beauty is almost effortless.  As I was thinking about  my beauty regimen and all the things I do on a weekly/monthly basis to make sure I look my best on the outside,  I also started to think about my team of people that  help me stay beautiful on the inside; my INTERNAL GLAM SQUAD.

My Therapist, Spiritual Mentors, Pilates Instructor, Colon Hydrotherapist, my Crystal and Stone creator and even special places that I visit that make me feel grounded, relaxed and peaceful, all play a part in the beauty that is created inside of me.


How I GREW Today:  We can get so fixated on our outward appearance that we forget how important it is to beautify our insides.  Mental, physical and emotional “makeup” really helps our glow illuminate all around, allowing us to radiate  360 degrees.  Yes the make up, hair and the nails enhance our already beautiful selves but what is lasting is the ageless beauty of our inner world that enhances, reflects and radiates our outward appearance.

Each week I will be sharing with you guys a person, place or thing from my Internal Glam Squad.  If you have special people that help you be your most authentic beautiful, self, please share!  We will feature you and your glam squad on the site!!!

Open Heart, Open Mind


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