How I GREW Today: Music

I listen to ALL types of music. Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Alternative, Reggae, Classical, Jazz and even a bit of EDM. Yesterday as I was scanning through Sirius, I was stopped by the most beautiful Gospel song,   “It’s Working” by William Murphy.


William M


“It’s Working”is a song about all things working together for the good. It may be hard now, but at the end of the day it will all work out in your favor. There is a purpose for everything that we go through.

” This is my season for grace for favor. This is my season to reap what I have sown”

How I GREW Today: Count it all Joy. The Good, the bad and the indifferent, EVERYTHING is on purpose and by design.  All things work together for the good. There is a reason for the hard times. Those lost and desolate times are seeds planted in the soil of life, and in due season all that has been reaped will be sewn. Grace and favor are here.

Open Heart, Open Mind очень срочно нужны деньги сегодня

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