How I GREW Today: P.S. Pray the Same for ME


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Today officially marks a full month until the release of my first published book “P.S. Pray the Same for Me”. This book was a true labor of love, understanding, acceptance, and release. The research for this book was not found in any library or on the internet. It all came from within; digging through the lives of my Mother, Grandmother, and my Great Grandmother. Taking an insightful, forgiving and compassionate look at who they were, where they came from and what shaped and formed their ideas(and ideals) helped me identify, accept and release any baggage that I inherited.

How I GREW Today: The simple prayers created in “P.S. Pray the Same for Me” helped me realize just how simple and creative prayer is. Often times we think it has to be steeped in religious fervor or rhetoric, but I’ve learned that speaking from the heart and from truth is the most beautiful form of prayer you can offer up to the Universe, God, Spirit, HER, or whatever you would like to call your higher being. These prayers became my light, my compass and my refuge. This book also allowed me to speak for my Mothers, it allowed me to verbalize what they couldn’t, what they didn’t know how to communicate. For that, I am happy for myself, and for them.


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Available November 21st

Amazon,, Balboa Press

(On November 21st we are asking all the HIGT community,friends and Family to go to Amazon and purchase one copy of the book for yourself and one for someone else.  Let’s spread this seed all around!  Let’s cause some GROWTH SPURTS and Shifts!!!!

Open Heart, Open Mind




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