How I GREW Today: Thankful for Thanksgiving

Holidays are the perfect time for us to get a crash course in uncovering anything that needs to be addressed within us.  Difficult?  YES.  It is easier to distance yourself and become emotionally vacant but that would only allow for these experiences to keep showing up until we get, and truly understand the lesson.

The Universe presents us with experiences and opportunities that create a space for us to get tested and to show us where we are on our journey; lighting the path to where we need to explore and what we need to brush up on.



HOW I GREW TODAY:   Today I grew by remembering that every opportunity is an opportunity for growth and to be thankful for Thanksgiving.  This time of year brings the opportunity for reengagement not only with family and friends but with myself. Use this time to go within by assessing all of the old emotions and situations that come up for me when I am surrounded by ALL of my wonderful Mirrors!


Open Mind, Open Heart

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