“Internal Glam Squad”: Janine Chessa of Inner body works

Yes, I am one of those people who partakes in Colon Hydrotherapy. I have been doing it for over two years now, and it has completely changed my life and helped me to understand the importance and the connection between cleansing, eliminating and the natural ability of our bodies to heal on their own. Energetically and environmentally, toxins invade our systems and getting Colonics helps us to release those toxins(Cellular waste). What I eat and how I digest can really effect not just my physical but my mental, as well.

I’ve been lucky to have found two Colon Hydrotherapists that I really clicked with and that are excellent at what they do(it helps to like your therapist and not feel like you are just another client on the table).

Janine Chessa of Inner Body Works holds a very significant position on my Internal Glam Squad.  She keeps me feeling great and helps me to release on a deeper level.   She has the perfect bedside manner. She makes me feel at easy and comfortable. She provides a comfortable space for a not so comfortable procedure. It’s a spiritual and informative experience every time I go.


Thank you Janine for keeping me feeling great from the inside out!!!! Internal Shine Rocks!!!

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