“River Said”: An almost 8-year old’s Perspective



River Said:  “Mommy, am I bossy or mean?”   No,  River,  but even if you are bossy or mean sometimes, it’s ok.  You have to embrace everything about yourself.  Why are you asking?  Did someone say you were bossy or mean?  “No, I just want to know all the things that I do that I need to change.”


Learning how to self-reflect is a key lesson to learn and valuable at any age.  When you can understand the benefit of self-reflection and know how to ask a trusted person about your behavior or character,  your ahead of the game.  What a beautiful quality to have.

We should all be curious about who we are, what we do,  and how we can change to be the best we can be.  Thanks River, I don’t know many almost 8 year olds who would even concern themselves with this sort of thing.


Open Heart, Open Mind

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