How I GREW Today

As I began to write my next article, I started to search my saved documents for research material and realized that my article had basically already been written. From all of my morning writing sessions and trips to the ACE Hotel to write, I had the bones for my article.



What this said to me was that no matter if I feel I have something to say, no matter if I sit down at the computer, and I have no clue what to write, just do it, just write. It’s the act of exercising that creative muscle and trusting that whatever comes forth will be put to good use at some point.

How I GREW Today: Nothing is in vain its all by design and I may not even know the purpose behind my actions, but the universe does and it will make good use for it! Those scraps of paper matter JUST WRITE (or sing, or dance or paint…)


Open Mind, Open Heart

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