“River Said”: An 8 year olds perspective


River Said: “Mommy, I made up a new saying,  ‘I should clean the streets before they clean it before me.’

I said,  what a beautiful saying River, what does it mean?   He said,  its like before anyone can put any negative energy on the streets, I can go ahead and clean it up before they are able to do anything.  I take my positive energy and wipe out anything that they put down that dirties up my streets.  I don’t have to wait until they decide that its time to clean up.



How I GREW Today:  A big lesson in Forgiveness.  No matter what anyone does to dirty up the road, I can make up my mind to make it clean before they do.  I can make a conscious effort to clean up,  no matter what.   I can keep my street, my heart, clean no matter what anyone else does. I don’t have to wait for them to make it right before I do so.  Thanks Riv!!!!


Open Mind, Open Heart


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