How I GREW Today: Burn it all up!!!!

Today I had a burning and flushing ceremony. I mourned and grieved all the painful situations in my life, all the things that have been holding me back. Things that I thought I had mourned but that continue to show up.  I wrote a letter releasing me from any negativity, negative self-talk, situations, people and experiences, I read the letter out loud and then I set it on fire and flushed it.


110108_ACS_Burning Bowl


How I GREW Today:  Burning ceremonies are ancient. The Native Americans have burning ceremonies to rid them of their past and introduce newness into their lives.  Visualizing as I burned and setting my intention before  I burned aided in the process.  Release and having a ritual or rituals of release are important practices that I will do as often as I need to.


Open Mind, Open Heart

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