How I GREW Today: “Having your own back”


A lot of times we forget to have our own back. We exclaim with pride and adulation, “I got your back”, to others, but we forget to express, with the same sentiment and conviction that we have our own back. Having your own back looks like this: protecting yourself from anything that is causing your spirit to be down, it is nurturing you, it is accepting you for all that you are(flaws and all), it is speaking your truth, honoring who you are(Every aspect of who you are), it is keeping your heart clean and being aware of when things outside of you are testing you trying to get you to cut your losses (with you) and run for the hills. When we have the backs of others more than we do ourselves, often times that indicates that we are looking for some other response or need, from them that we aren’t able to give ourselves (approval, acceptance, worthiness, validation).

How I GREW Today: Having my own back means, honoring my truth, being impeccable with my word, nurturing myself, stating my truth at all times, not people pleasing and surrounding myself with those that challenge me to be the best person I can be(gently, respectfully and lovingly). Have my back regularly.

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