How I GREW Today: Razzle, Dazzle, Frazzled

Today I was super unsettled and I tried everything to make me feel grounded. I drank a GANG of tea, I got in the sauna for an hour, tried to organize my home office but nothing made me feel back to my normal self.  I felt hurried, hot and bothered.  What I realized was that things weren’t the same,  something had shifted and I was trying to act as if things were as they  had always been.  My mind, my body needed time to readjust and I was attempting to MAKE it adjust(on cue).  It’s a new year and things are changing at rapid speed and I don’t need to speed up, I actually need to slow down.  I was getting overwhelmed with what the new year brings; the pressure to make changes, to make to do lists, time to do this, time to do that.  Yes, I got suckered into it too.


How I GREW Today:  When I feel frazzled I just need to give in and stop trying to fight it.  Allow myself to relax and take a minute or a few hours to just be still.  What I resist persist and comes on with more of a vengeance.  Go at my own pace!!!


Open Mind, Open Heart

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