Morning Seed

Happy New Year Growers!!!!

Today don’t get overwhelmed and feel under pressure to make radical changes or to make these huge lists of resolutions.  Pace yourself.  Wake up this morning, close your eyes, get still and ask your heart, what’s next? What are the things that I need to change, improve, or do?   Ask that your “list of things to do”,  will come to you as you need to do them.  In order to take action and execute, you want to be clear, still and open.  Not frazzled, anxious and closed.

“I pray that you are  guided to where you need to be, that any mountain that may get in the way, you climb it until you reach the top.  I pray that you continue to have the lessons needed in order to grow rich, lush and full.  I pray that you are stocked with tons of grace, peace, and openness to help you through the learning times…P.S., Pray the Same for Me.  


Have a great first day of 2014!!!!

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