River Said: an 8 year old’s perspective

  “It’s like me when I’m cleaning out my toys.  I take out all I want to play with, then I clean them up before I pull other toys out. That way its not so messy and I don’t feel so anxious because the toys are all over.  I play, clean up, cross it off the list and then play something else and I do that so I’m not anxious cause if I don’t you WILL be anxious. ”   Release it Mommy.


Last night River and I were talking about his day.  We always ask him what was his high about the day and what was his low but last night he felt ever so inclined to ask me about the high and low parts of my day. “Well, I think my low was when I got really anxious all of a sudden out of nowhere.”  He said,  “well what happened?”  I said, “I believe it was when I started to think about all of the things that I needed to do but didn’t feel like doing, and I got overwhelmed by my to-do list.” ( Which was weird because I ALWAYS have a to do list that is a gazillion miles long.  Why, today would I get so anxious about that? Anyway, I digress…).  He then tells me that I just need to get it out.  Write down a few things, do them, cross them off and write another list.


How I GREW Today:  When my to-do list is in my head, its seems like I have tons to do but by simply writing it down on paper,  I can see what I’m up against and make the tasks less daunting.  Nine times out of ten its not that bad.  Thanks Riv!!!!

Open Mind, Open Heart


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