Salad Night!

Here is a simple and quick salad to toss up!  Perfect when your not sure what to eat!  Serve with a baked sweet potato and you will have one easy and delicious meal!!


What you will need:   

-Salad Greens of your choice

-White Cheddar


-Organic Turkey Bacon

-Chick Peas








What to do:

Place Turkey Bacon in a skillet and cook( let it get really crispy)

Cut Turkey Bacon into bite size pieces.  ( you can also  crumble with your hands)

Chop White Cheddar into small squares

Slice the pear into thin slices


Add everything to your favorite salad bowl and top with your favorite Vinaigrette.  I used my favorite Balsamic Vinegar below:



25-Year Barrel-Aged Balsamic Vinegar


M.S.видеорегистратор купить в саратовебанковские срочные вклады

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