Shrimp and Greens

What you will need:

Fresh Brussels Sprouts




Chicken Stock

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

White Pepper

Olive Oil

Sauteed Hot Pepper Paste(or Sirrachi or any type of pepper paste you like)

What to do:

Deflower the  brussels sprouts( take all the leaves off): Click the link for a short tutorial on how to deflower

Chop Shallots

Saute  Shallots in Olive Oil

Add Sprouts and Season.  Sauté until bright green

Add Stock and cook down.


photo 2


In a separate sauté pan add shrimp, garlic and seasoning.  Cook until pink, and add a tablespoon of hot pepper paste and sauté for another 2minutes.


photo 1

Add Shrimp to Sprouts and Eat!!!



Easy Dinner and a properly combined meal.





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