Stuff I Like: Sauteed Hot Pepper Paste


Sauteed pepper sauce

There is this small Korean Butcher in my town that I have been hearing about for years! A couple of my Foodie friends have mentioned it when talking about cuts of meat, or the best steaks in the area(the Butcher has a restaurant inside of the shop, GENIUS).  So I stopped by, purchased some choice cuts, and then  as I was leaving,  I saw this glorious red light beaming  through the refrigerated case next to the Butchers table.   Anything that says Sautéed and hot pepper, IM IN.  This stuff if magic.  It will spice up vegetables, soups, your stir-fry, rice, you name it.  Check your local Koren Butcher and see if they have it!


Iam a sucker for products, send me your favorites and I will post!!!


M.S.имидж фирмы

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