River Said: An 8 Year Old’s Perspective

I was talking to River about my day, and on this particular day I had gone to visit my therapist, Guldal. I told River about me seeing her, and he said, “Oh, I remember her, she gave me a hug, it was really warm. When she hugged me it was like everything stopped.” I thought, what a way to describe that moment!
Him saying this made me think about how much I rush through life not paying attention to the small things, the small moments that mean so much. His simple, yet vivid description allowed me to realize that I should allow myself to stop and embrace every moment, I want to be able to describe those heartfelt and simple times toooooo! I want to “feel” my way through life.   I need to “stop and feel the hugs”.

How I GREW Today: I am reminded to be present. Noticing the simple things and being able to put a descriptive feeling to my experiences can help me be present. The simplicity of life packs a big punch.   I need to “stop and feel the hugs”

Thanks Riv!!!


Light + Love

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