River Said: An 8 year old’s perspective

“River, what do you need from me to help you understand, concentrate more and strive to do better in Math?

River Said:  “Try To Smile more and say Yay, that will help build up my confidence”
Sometimes I get so caught up in how “I think” I should rear and parent River when it comes to his education that I don’t leave room for error. I become mommy drill sergeant and it is all because I think  that how well he is doing in school, is a direct reflection of my parenting skills( my own issues right!!!). I checked myself immediately and realized that I have never asked him what he needs from me, to help him be his best in Math. He gladly told me what he needed to support him. Boys play for points. Points can be as big as a new video game or as small as a “job well done son.” They want nothing more but to please their Mommies(and Daddies) and provide us with the happiness and joy that we want.
From now on River, I’m going to do cartwheels, summersauls and back handsprings when you get a math problem, or any problem correct. Feel free to tell me to tone it down!
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