How I Grew Today: 30 Day Forgiveness Challenge Day 5

Day 5: 

“Forgiveness is like faith. You have to keep reviving it”. ~ Mason Cooley. 
Forgiveness is not a temporary action. It is a constant state of being. The more we practice forgiveness the more we are liberated. We’re not supposed to forgive some people, some of the time. We’re expected to forgive anyone that has caused us hurt and pain. Seeing the child in each adult person helps the forgiveness process through compassion. If we remind ourselves that our parents are kids trapped in adult bodies we can let go of the fantasy that they are perfect and infallible. Parents make mistakes everyday. Forgive them anyway! If you’ve never asked your parents about their own childhood I challenge you to do it today. 
The more you know and understand about their upbringing, the more you’ll understand them as people and human beings. The more you’ll understand their own journey. I believe that each child chooses her parents for the experiences and healing that the soul needs for its own evolution. Each step, each experience you have in your life, good or bad, is necessary to evolve your soul. So, the more you know and understand your parents, the easier to send the light of compassion and love to them. If your parents are no longer living, ask a family relative about your parents’ childhood. I challenge you to do this! Wishing you peace and forgiveness! ♥ 
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With joy,

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