How I Grew Today: Forgiveness Challenge Day 6

“Never Forget Your Parents…They Are The Reason Why You Are Who You Are….” ~ Unknown

Day 6: 

Perhaps you didn’t have the best childhood experiences with your parents, but you were born to them on purpose. It is your unique journey. Whatever your experiences were they happened to teach and evolve your soul. Even bad experiences can set one’s life on a journey to heal. The human experience is the journey toward wholeness. We all become a little fractured through life but our purpose here on Earth is to return to the divine love that is within us, our natural birth right. We each go through different paths and experiences to get there. It is our choice how we decide to get there. But we all can heal and evolve. We all experience pain and unfortunate circumstances, but sometimes the greatest miracles and opportunities come through pain.
Forgiveness and letting go is the Miracle Medicine that will help you heal your life. Let it go! Do it for you! Love YOU enough to release it all. Let your parents finally off the hook. You wouldn’t be who you are or designed for your particular purpose if it weren’t for them. Today or the next few days, write a forgiveness letter to your parents, living or not. Pour out your feelings and pain but offer forgiveness and release yourself. Finally, safely burn the letter or rip into pieces and throw it away. As you do, close your eyes and meditate on, “I forgive you and I release myself” If you’ve done this before it’s okay to do again. Remember forgivness happens in layers. Wishing you peace and forgiveness today! 
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With Joy,

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