How I GREW Today: Forgiveness Challenge Day 9

“What is the point of forgiveness if you cannot first forgive yourself” ~ Angela Holton

Day 9:

I hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. 

For the next few days we’ll focus on forgiving ourselves. We cannot have peace with the world until we have peace within ourselves. Why forgive everyone else but not yourself? Any form of unforgiveness will keep you in bondage and imprisoned to the past. Let it go! Unforgiveness toward oneself can turn into resentment and grow within the body. Forgive your choices and accept the experiences you had and that you cannot go back and change them. Your past choices do not define you now in the present, nor can they dictate your future. Only if you allow it. But you are NOT your past. Your past is just a story now and you can recreate your story.

I do not believe in mistakes and regrets. All of the choices we make, whether good or “bad”, are necessary for our own evolution. Did you not learn and grow the most from choices that may not have best served you? Forgive yourself and know that you did your best with the information and awareness you had at the time. There’s no point in holding onto them. Let yourself off the hook and embrace your choices. 

Today, look at yourself in the mirror and affirm: “I love you and I forgive you.” Practice repeating this throughout the day and as many times as you can with and without the mirror. Wishing you peace and forgiveness! ♥

#30DayForgivenessChallenge  #LoveSanctuary

With Joy,

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