How I Grew Today: 30 Day Forgiveness Challenge

A fellow Spiritual Seeker and Teacher has put together a 30 day Forgiveness Challenge.  Im behind the 8 ball on posting but I believe this is something the How I Grew Today community could really benefit from!

Thanks @lovesanctuary for letting us in on this!

We are starting with Day 3.  Days 1 and 2 will be listed below


Day 3

“The only time you truly become an adult is when you finally forgive your parents for being as flawed as everyone else” ~ Douglas Kennedy
Most of adulthood is spent forgiving our parents for old childhood wounds. None of us leave childhood unscathed. But we must remember that our parents are “victims raising victims”. If your parents hurt you, remember that only hurt people…hurt people. Once you become an adult it’s time to take your parents off the pedestal and see them as children in adult bodies, who are also trying to heal their own wounds. You must remember that parents do the best they can with the information, awareness, and knowledge they have at the time. Forgive them anyway! 
It’s time to take accountability for your own life and no longer blame your parents for the course of your life. Playing the victim is not empowering. Take control over your own life and heal your own wounds! So whether or not your parents are still living, or if you’ve ever known your parents, spend today forgiving them! 
Meditate and affirm: “I forgive my parents and I accept that they did the best they could with the information, awareness,  and knowledge they had at the time” Set them free. Set yourself free! #30DayForgivnessChallenge 
Wishing you a peaceful day!
With joy,
Day 2:

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
As we discussed on Sunday, forgiveness is an ongoing, lifetime process. There are many layers to it. Once you have peeled back one layer you may discover that there are deeper levels to go and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up thinking you had resolved that issue. It is simply the Universe telling you that it wants you to go deeper and heal yourself at deeper levels. Forgiveness takes time but that’s why we’re here. Forgiveness is God’s expression through us, it is love and compassion. 
So, today, along with your affirmation: “I forgive X (name) and I release myself”. Place your hand on your heart and send a vibration of love and compassion to that person. Imagine the love flowing out directly from your heart to the other person.  If you are not ready to do this then keep with the affirmation until you’re ready.
Good luck! I hope that you are noticing and opening yourselves to receiving miracles.
With joy,


 Day 1:
I hope that you’re up for the 30 Day Forgiveness Challenge. I will email you an affirmation, quote each day and you can recite it as frequently as possible. Each day recall someone you need to forgive. It could be the same person and recite “I forgive (X) and I release myself”. And if you need to work on forgiving yourself repeat, “I love you and I forgive you”. Even if you only say it once per day upon receiving my email it’s better than not saying it at all. Do your best. 
Good luck! Please feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions, comments, and concerns. 
I look forward to seeing you all again at the next workshop. I’m planning for a date in June. Stay Tuned! Thank you once again!
With love and joy,




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