How I Grew Today: 30 Day Forgiveness Challenge Day 16

“Once you understand that your past is just a story, it no longer has power over you” ~ Angela Holton @lovesanctuary

Day 16:
Rise and Shine Challengers! I want to share with you that I am doing everyday of this challenge with you and yesterday I had an incredible shift. I thought I had completely forgiven someone, however, yesterday I learned something about this person that allowed me to understand them better and, in turn, experience an even deeper sense of love and compassion toward them. It made me smile deeply within my heart! ♥ Remember forgiveness has multiple layers and our purpose in life is to love and forgive completely. It’s a work in progress. Today, I want you to remember that your past is now just a story and you can recreate the story. If you let your past define you than it owns you. It has power over you.
Take your power back today and create a new story. Use your “unserving” choices and decide your new path. Commit to yourself to do things differently. Whatever choices you made in the past that did not serve you, write each one down today and in a couple sentences write a new outcome, a new story. Affirm how you want you, your story, and your desires to look like. There is power in the written word. Affirm that you will make better choices in love, money, health, family, work, etc and briefly describe what that change and story looks like. Happy writing Challengers!! “Today I create a new and wonderful story for my life.”
Wishing you peace and forgiveness today!
#30DayForgivenessChallenge #LoveSanctuary
With love & joy,



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