Morning Seed: Dissociation: Eliminating Behaviors that Keep us from being present

Dissociation is when we separate from our awareness ‘details’ of an event. We use it as a way to protect ourselves from emotional or physical trauma. Those of us who dissociate tend to “check out” when things get too heavy,  involved or overwhelming because it is too painful to deal with or we are afraid that it will take us down the slippery slope of remembering things that happened to us in the past. Dissociation is a skill that can be learned as early as childhood and when not addressed can be implemented in our adult lives. It dulls the senses, it prevents us from seeing the red flags and it keeps us from being present and in the moment. Notice today when and where you dissociate. Ask yourself if dissociation still serves you. If it does, fine( in your own time). If it doesn’t try to get to the bottom of why you are doing it and knowing is the most important part of the battle. It could also help to go speak to someone…Therapy is NOT the enemy!



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