Morning Seed: Teachers are all around us!

Today be open to the idea that everything and everyone is your teacher. We can learn a lot from men, women, children, pets, nature and beyond. If we think we know everything there is to know about all the things we need to know about, we are limiting ourselves. If we are leaning only to our own understanding and snuggling in deeply to our comfort zone of “likeminded” people, who validate our already short sighted beliefs, we are not allowing the universe to direct us openly and freely. How can we learn new perspectives and new ways of doing things when we only consult with those who are familiar with our story or who learned the same way we did. This can create a very isolated existence. It serves us, in the highest good, to be able to bend our own rules, to be able to open our hearts and minds eye to the possibility that we can learn in new and fascinating ways if we just tear down the walls of insecurity, distrust and skepticism. Choose to be open and GROW from everything around you at all times.



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