Morning Seed: Where do our beliefs come from?

A couple of weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to speak to a group of women who graduated from the financial literacy program that the organization Dress for Success put together for their professionals women group. I asked them this question, ” Growing up, what was the conversation, in your home, around money; if there was one at all.” Well like in my household growing up, there wasn’t one. There was much anxiety, however, impressed upon me by the worried and tired look on my parents face(mainly my Moms) and the stress and arguments that ensued around a certain point during the month. I came home after the event and started to think, what opinions were impressed upon me about other things besides finances: Relationships(intimate and not), health, spirituality, self-love and self-care. I took each category and thought about the lessons and beliefs that were shaped based on what I learned growing up in my household. My investigation yielded me with a not so far fetched discovery that there was little to no dialogue on these things. I realized that a lot of what I learned came from my interpretation from what I saw going on around me. Today, do a little digging. See if you can trace back where your beliefs come from, where did they began to take shape. Dig in order to prepare new ground for new growth.


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