River Said: An 8-Year Old’s Perspective

“Right now, listen with your heart Mommy, not your head.”- River


One hot and humid day last week, River wanted ice cream( he wanted Soft Serve from Dairy Queen OMG I love Dairy Queen) As we were driving there I started telling him how my Mother would take my sister and I to DQ and we would get dilly bars and sundaes and it was the BEST. I said, “Dairy Queen really reminds me of my Mommy, the salty sweet taste of the soft serve was so good, yum,”   he said, “awww that is so sweet, what a great memory Mommy.”  So we go in, get his vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles and we go back to the car.  I mumbled, “man I wanted a sundae so bad,” not thinking he heard me, River turns around and says, “Mommy get it, go get it! Listen to your heart not your head this time”;  I OBEYED!!! He knew that I needed that Sundae, for comfort, not in a “comfort food” kind of way, but a comforting hug from my Mom kind of way; a Friday night treat from my Mother with my Son.


Thanks Riv for knowing what Mommy needed and nudging me to get what I wanted, with no regrets.  Thanks for helping me see when Im not listening to my heart.

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