But in the end resistance doesn’t protect us as much as it robs us of our right to heal.  Our resistance prevents us from seeing what’s so, what’s true, and what’s possible for our lives.

When we surrender, we let go of our pictures of how life should be and allow ourselves to be in the presence of our life exactly as it is, without any interpretation or illusion.- Debbie Ford


Debbie Ford


Being able to NOT resist what is is hard sometimes. The Universe supports us and is designed to carry us when things get heavy. Trusting this is an enormous lesson to get. It’s not easy to do but in the midst of the fire, if we can remember this maybe it will make the hard times easier to endure. Where you are is exactly where you are to be. Knowing that you can relax in this, is relaxing.
I always like to refer back to the enriching and enlightening work of Debbie Ford. Her books and seminars fueled my journey within and gave me the courage to start reflecting and doing the work to be the best me I can be. I had the pleasure of attending her last Shadow Process before she passed away.

The above Snippet is from Debbie Ford’s book  “Spiritual Divorce.”  p.41

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