Candida Out!

Ok Im ready to do this.  I have been mentally preparing myself since July.  The time is here so I need to get it all the way together, quick!  Today I will begin a three month(if I can hold on) Candida Cleanse.  Check out this great article from Mind Body Green  to see if some of the symptoms apply to you!  An overgrowth of Candida can be hazardous to your health and not allow you to function at your best!

For me,  I have been feeling sluggish, I’ve had brain fog and craving sugar and carbs like crazy.  Ive also been irritable and everyone has been on my “last nerve” so I knew it was time.   Pace yourself and take baby steps.  Its doable and you will feel amazing afterwards.

I will be sharing how I’m eating, the supplements I’m taking and what my exercise regimen will be while for the next three months.  Stay Tuned!


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